New global format from Apropos

Over Time is a transmedia drama series which follows the lives of six young environmental activists who mysteriously fall into a coma and wake up in the near future in a climate-changed world.

Adults changed the planet, and it will take the combined efforts of young people in London, New York, Seoul, San Paolo, Mumbai, Johannesburg and many other cities around the world to change it back. Over Time is a transmedia drama series, with a Call to Action in real life.

Itʼs New Yearʼs Eve 2013. In six cities, young people suddenly wake from a mysterious coma to find a world transformed by climate change. London has flooded, and boats replace cars in the streets. As the characters in the drama try to unravel the events which have led to environmental disaster, the audience engages with the story through online participation and social networking, and through live events in their own city.




Over Time


360 ,Trans-media, trans-genre, format


Series 1 & 2

Target audience

Young adults, general:15-35

Transmedia Mix

Weekly 30min TV episode Daily 5 min Web News

Daily characters blog

Ongoing online  and mobile game

Live games

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